Sumatran Sun Bear Team

A not-for-profit charity working to prevent and relieve the suffering of Sun Bears since 2017

After a trip to Sumatra in 2013, the Sumatran Sun Bear Team’s founder, Lesley Small was shocked how their beautiful Sun Bears were being treated.

Classified as a vulnerable species, Sun Bears are threated by commercial poaching, habitat loss, and killing to prevent crop damage and for believed medical benefits. The Indonesian government does what it can to help the Sun Bears, but their resources are limited and they have no specialised facility to take in rescued Sun Bears, rehabilitate them, and return them to the wild if possible.

Because of this, the Sumatran Sun Bear Team is dedicated to building a purpose built facility to help Sun Bears in every way we can. Where possible we’d love to return rescued Sun Bears to the wild but, where this isn’t possible, keep the Sun Bear in our purpose built facility where it can be comfortable, safe, and enjoy its life.

We are a registered Australian charity. We also have DGR; Deductible Gift Recipient status, which means that any donation over $2 is tax deductible. Every little bit helps.