Sun Bear Prints For Sale

About Our Sun Bear Prints

Artist Sara Hassan has generously donated her time to illustrate three prints of the bears in our care, Jessy, Rossa, and Uca. These prints are fun and quirky and the perfect way to support the Sumatran Sun Bear Project.

Each print captures the unique personality of the sun bear. Choose a print of your favourite bear or purchase all three to display the trio.

What You Get With Purchase

Sun bear prints are available in A4 and A5 and come with a certificate of authenticity. The cost of purchasing the print includes shipping to your address, with the rest of the proceeds going to support the Sumatran Sun Bear Team.

Purchase Jessy’s Print

The baby of the group, Jessy is playful by nature and always looking for fun. The artist, Sara, was inspired by videos of Jessy playing in the rain, so she chose that scene as the focal point for her illustration.

Purchase Uca’s Print

Uca is the relaxed and sensitive bear of the group, so our artist, Sara, want to show her in her normal state while surrounded by nature. This lead to a simple and soothing portrait of Uca. We think it’s perfect!

Purchase Rossa’s Print

Rossa has a gentle personality, so Sara chose to capture her in a pleasant mood while relaxing in the grass. A little bit cheeky, you can see Rossa enjoying a delicious melon while she relaxes.

Purchase All Prints

If you would like to purchase all the prints, we can offer them at a special discounted price of buy two, get the third one half off!