“Cantik” is a female Sun Bear who has found herself in a position she would never had imagined could happen to her. Through no fault of her own, while walking through the forest she stepped on a snare that was set for other species, possibly deer or wild pig. A snare is usually a wire lasso that is hidden on the ground and tied to a tree. Once the paw goes through it and the animal pulls to try and escape, the wire loop tightens. There is little chance of escape. “Cantik” is one of the lucky ones, where the local people found her in the forest in Ache, Sumatra and called for help. Sun Bears are fierce, strong and in “Cantiks’” case she would have been in pain and very frightened for her life. A difficult situation to try and rectify. It took a few days before a Wildlife Veterinarian could get to the scene to dart her with an anaesthetic and transfer her to a surgery at the University of Banda Aceh. Her paw was so badly damaged it had to be completely amputated. She has recovered well, but because she may now not survive in the forest she has been cared for in a holding facility.

We would like to see her in a natural environment where she can explore, try to climb, rest and dig where they will be safe. A place where she will see birds and insects and wandering monkeys. We have just the place to build such a centre where Sun Bears, just like “Cantik”, who have found themselves out of their natural homes, can come and call the SSBT their new home. If they can’t be returned to the forest, they can stay with us.

We hope that you can help us help “Cantik” and Sun Bears just like her.

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