Thank you to everyone who donated to the Jo Jo campaign. A picture of a sun bear in a Zoo in Medan attracted a lot of negative attention. We would like to thank the management of Medan Zoo and the BKSDA for allowing us to work on the sun bear exhibit for a positive outcome. We had some great, talented volunteers; Michael and Lauren Spence, Stay Wild team Bukit and Triyadi, the guys from Sun bear sun screen and the Charlie Bucket and Co all helping Lesley Small from SSBT. Also thanks to Rudi from ISCP for facilitating this project. We hope that all of the generous donors are happy with what we achieved, We know that the bears liked what we did that included, hammocks, bed boards, fresh logs, foraging pits, a climbing structure and Aussie dog toys. We hope that all 5 bears get to experience the exhibit. All five bears each received new elevated bed boards, logs and Aussie dog balls in their dens also. Thank you again to the generous donors.