Mother’s Day Raffle Announcement

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Mother’s Day raffle. Thank you all very much. We really are incredibly grateful for your support

The funds will be going to the Bears In Sumatra and our growing rescue and conservation Centre so that we can continue to look after more bears.

The prize winners were :

  • 1st prize ticket number 67
  • 2nd prize ticket number 12
  • 3rd prize ticket number 69 and
  • 4th prize ticket number 1471 All identities chose Identity withheld.

Congratulations to our winners, we hope that you enjoy your prizes.

We also want to thank the very generous lovely supporters who donated prizes for the hampers. All of the prizes were donated and that means 100 % of the profits will be going to help us help more bears.  So everyone who participated also make the Sun Bears your winners.