During 2019, the SSBT had been alerted to the plight of a Durian farmer. He had reported that wild sun bears were taking his fallen fruit. The SSBT visited the farm and established that a sun bear had been on the property and had had left (faecal) evidence. The durian season is important to the local people as it makes up a large component of their annual ways to make a living. At times like this, a Sun Bear is at risk and very vulnerable being at the wrong side of human conflict.

We immediately gave the farmer some tools to make noises to scare the bears away from the safety of their hut and a reasonable amount of compensation while we prepared to give him a permanent solution. With funds that have been donated or raised by SSBT we were able to supply a solar powered electric fence. It was installed with help from Stay Wild who also worked with the farmer to clear the fence line.

SSBT visited the site after the durian season and were very pleased to hear that after the fence was installed, there were no durians taken by Sun Bears and he had a successful season.

Working with the local people is an important component of Conservation. The people and the bears share or use mutual habitat at times and we want to see this occurring in harmony. We will always endeavor to help create harmony between the people and the amazing Sun Bears