Our founder Lesley was in Bukit Lawang for a week after winning the International Conference of Zoo Keepers (ICZ) Conservation award. Lesley gave a fantastic talk to the local people about the importance of the Sun Bear in the local eco system and our plans for the rescue and conservation centre. Lesley and the SSBT worked with Anders Alexander to produce posters for the local people to read in both English and Bahasa. We also produced 2,000 bilingual Educational flyers to be distributed to the people of the Village and the surrounding areas, thanks to Jon Dunn for working with Lesley on this.

It was great to see so much great feedback and that the local people are excited that they will be involved in the project towards the common goal of saving Sun Bears.

Warwick Taylor from Global Wildlife Constructions, travelled with Lesley  along with a local land surveyor, assessed the land and many discussions were had around what would be the best way to layout the space we have available.

Lesley also met up with Sun Bear expert Siew Te Wong, Veterinarian Dr. Arman, The owner of the land Sipke Verhage and one of our Sumatran team members Dewi.

It was a very productive time in many ways.

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