THE PRICE OF TOURISM! The Sumatran Sun Bear Team have been receiving many reports about 3 Sun Bears and elephants in a touristic facility in Bali who are struggling since Covid hit with feeding and care. When there are no tourists there is no money to care for the animals that have been used to entertain tourists. We had our friends on the ground there visit and they were truly shocked. The Sun Bears are starving and so are the elephants that are with them. We are now making a plan for them which might involve long term commitments and therefore long term funds: but firstly we wish to reach out for support on the ground to feed them!- Team of animal rescues and conservationists from JAAN, SSBT and ISWMP teamed up to help these animals, join us on this mission and bear with us. Pulling together as one for the animals. PLEASE SUPPORT! support can be send through ; (australia) 💚 jakarta animal aid network (indonesia) (USA) 💚 WildlifeWatchDogs (netherlands) 💚 mention operation : THE PRICE OF TOURISM with your donationOr SSBT directly